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Human resources are like natural resources, they are often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they are not lying around on the surface -Ken Robinson

Our Strategic Selection Process

The key to getting what you want? Is knowing what you are looking for. That's where good recruitment planning comes in. Ensuring you have an in-depth understanding of the role you are hiring for is the secret of success. Here is our 6 step hiring process.


A. No, we do NOT collect any fees from candidates looking for a job. There is NO registration fee either. You are welcome to submit your resume and we assure you to find a suitable position for you.
A. No, there are no other fees that you are required to pay when we help you find a job. A thank you, though not mandatory, would of course make us happy. If you recommend us to your friends or employer we would be happier.
A. We probably can, but that is not how we work. We believe that you will benefit the most from quality rather than quantity. Unlike many other recruitment companies that you might have worked with, we do NOT just give you a lineup. All the candidates that we provide are pre-screened to match your requirements.
We would rather not give you any candidates than waste your time providing people that do not match your requirement.
A. That is a legitimate question and in some cases, we recommend our (potential) clients that solution. However, our HR services work on an outsourcing model. By handing over the task of searching for talented individuals for your company, you are able to concentrate on your core competency.

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